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Smart Watch & GPS Tracker

Model: Smart Watch
Temperature Measurement Watch1. Sports records (pedometer, calorie burn, mileage, and sports trend graph for each time period).2. Sleep monitoring (it can display the trend graph of sleep quality in each time period)3. Heart rate blood pressure blood oxygen monitoring function,   measure b..
Model: Smart watch-D200
1.GPS+WIFI+LBS positioning    2.Display size:1.54 in    3. Two-way conversation    4. Heart rate test    5. Falling alarm    6. singing function    7. Remote voice monitoring    8. Remote call    9. Safety fence alarm&nb..
Model: Smart watch-D99+
 1.GPS+LBS+WIFI positioning     2.Display size:1.22in     3. Two-way conversation     4. History track     5. Safety fence     6. Remote guard     7.SOS emergency help     8. Movement step&n..
Model: Smart watch-D7
1.GPS+WIFI+LBS positioning2. Two-way conversation3. Remote voice monitoring4. Remote call5. Safety fence alarm6. One button for help (SOS)7. Historical trajectory8.Deep waterproof (IP67)9.Remote photography..
Model: Pet GPS Tracker D79
1.GPS+WIFI+LBS positioning2. Deep waterproof (IP67)3. Sound + light patrol function 4. Feeding reminder5. Remote voice monitoring 6. Remote call 7. Safety fence alarm 8. Low battery alarm 9. Platform free..
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