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02 Jun Introducing  LED Screen Types
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Introducing  Led Screen:There is several Commercial products Described with LED Light Source we will focus on Full Color Screens DIP LED's  Through Hall Technology o9n PCB Modules  which is one of the earliest technologies , 1R1G1B, or different combination Depend on LED's color density level,  Today mostly used Outdoor LED Screens  Some of the ..
01 Jun Why is Best LED Screen?
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Our point of view,      When we talk about best LED screens, it will be very subjective for each person, But our technical point of view each manufacture use their own standards try to make best out of it. Our definition simple products must reliable and sufficient test and QC done before Shipped the end users.  Additionally must Support up to date..
01 Jun Micro COB Technology
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Latest Excitement in LED Screen Industry is Micro COB (component on board)  Technology,  where LED RGB cells Bonded directly On PCB with (bond wire Technologies, then Transparent like a Epoxy Materials covered entire LED Module surface,  which it make screen more durable then if we  compare with SMD technologies.  Some of the our resources may reac..
01 Jun Luminosa  Store Blog
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Luminosa Store mission is to deliver goods to your hands with the highest efficiency.  Saving you time and money easy with in your budget, you can own LED Screens purpose of business or your own private use. All this can be done easily! Most Important understanding Led Screen Image Size's. Screen Image size are simplified in word building Brick..
10 Apr Pixel Pitch  and Definition
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What is Pixel pitch and how to describe it?  as we know early stage when the Film grain or granularity is described fine grain, which is told us film has higher enlargement with less grains visible on printed photographic paper.  Today digital world which is images are created on 0 1 0 1 0 1 Binary  Image depend on the type of algorithm used all in..
10 Apr Sending and Receiving IO
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Peripherals which is input and output devicesevery each Led screen build in typically receiving cards which is receive digital signals from Sending cards while receiving cards cascade each-other vertically or horizontally according the screen Size, sending cards must meet the screen size requirements some time we may use 4 or more sending card meet..
10 Apr Which LED Controllers Best?
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For our best practice control  LED Screens we recommend several Brands,  Such as Linsn, NovaStar Etc.  but then again every each Brand has their unique Capabilities,  Therefore all Depend on LED Screen size or LED Video Wall size, After all  Input devices and Output, Cascading Functionalities all Depend Screen Size Requirements.  There is no lim..
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