Introducing  Led Screen:

There is several Commercial products Described with LED Light Source we will focus on Full Color Screens

  1. DIP LED's  Through Hall Technology o9n PCB Modules  which is one of the earliest technologies , 1R1G1B, or different combination Depend on LED's color density level,  Today mostly used Outdoor LED Screens  Some of the configuration  can go up to 9500Nits . In Metric Form
  2. SMD LED's  Single Dot LED Source  Combines with 1R1G1B Dies, Which is Last 10 Years penetrate the market,  Surface Mount Technology used on PCB Modules, today achieved almost 1.2mm Pixel pitch used mostly indoor Led Screens.
  3. Micro COB Technology, Very new in the market, can go up to 0.6mm Pixel pitch,  it been used special Bond wiring technique bonded on PCB Modules, today is bring revolution  to LED Screen Technology  where Replacement of The Ultra High definition  4K, 8K, 16K  promises new era on LED Screen Industry, considered  replacement of LCD screens where  can be build up for example 20000*16000mm Cristal Clear  Screens beyond the imagination.

Screen Definitions:

  1. Indoor LED Screens
  2. Outdoor LED Screens
  3. Transparent LED Screens indoor or Outdoor
  4. Led Posters 
  5. Rental Structure  Screens
  6. Fix Structure Screens

Cabinet Definitions:

  1. Aluminum Die-cast
  2. Aluminum
  3. Steel Iron
  4. Simple Cabinets