Luminosa Store mission is to deliver goods to your hands with the highest efficiency.  Saving you time and money easy with in your budget, you can own LED Screens purpose of business or your own private use. All this can be done easily! Most Important understanding Led Screen Image Size's.

Screen Image size are simplified in word building Brick walls, with Bricks is  equivalents of  Led Screens Cabinet's  Size or Module Size. Pay attention that Pr-manufactured Cabinets are comes with different Pixels Pitch and Cabinet Size, Example Screen size (W)2000 * (H)1000mm Requested Pitch size P4, Image Size dots = 2000/4mm =500 Dots  (W),  1000/4mm=250 Dots (H)  keep on mind that Pr-Manufactured Cabinet Size is 512mm*512mm (W. H.) in this situation Compare The Image Size with Screen installing Area There will be two option Either Slightly Larger or Smaller Screen Size:   Option 1: (W) 2048*(H)1024mm  or (H)2048*(W)1024mm  Option 2:  (W)1536*(H)1024mm or (H)1536*(W)1024mm.

Finally For the Option 1 You need 8Pcs Cabinets, for the Option 2: You need 6Pcs Cabinets.  After Making Screen Size Decision according the Pixel Pitch Requirements, Then Environmental requirements Select screen Type (Indoor or Outdoor) Please Take note Pixel Pitch  (Smaller pixel Gap's are better Image quality) additionally Controllers system (Sending and Receiving Cards Brands Such as most common  Linsn or Nova). All you will understand. How easy to own LED Screens without complicated and hidden Technical information's yet according all purchases include DIY installation Manual all in one and simplified. 

Luminosa Store Operated and owned CITYNTEL M SDN BHD, which is company  background base on the strong Analog Digital Electronic engineering solve all complicated task innovating  user friendly  stable LED Screen Platforms.  with our upper handed installation and maintenance guide lines, we are confident all our Clients will benefit it High Quality Product with cost effective ownership covered with Question Answers Technical Services.

We are committed to our clients, specially for your Customized purchase requirements, eliminating the waste of production and distribution links, direct and profitable consumers. A professional Luminosa store that makes Digital LED Screens Signage or LED video wall display technology easy to use.

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Luminosa Store Committed on providing high quality products to present the perfect Synchronized  illumination art shows and Spider Cloud display technology, releasing more design inspiration and allowing more works to be sublimated in the digital interactive content managements all base on Luminosa Store  meant to be. 

Our  vision and commitment is to promote the popularization of LED display technology and connect everything through the network communication. Technology brings new visual experiences while advancing industry development and technological advancement. Luminosa Store to becoming a world-renowned commercial platform for LED Screen devices, controllers, accessories and other optoelectronics products.