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Luminosa Store, Operated By Cityntel M Sdn Bhd, online store specializing in Facade LED Video wall Screens, Advertising LED Screens,  LED Video Wall Control System Related components.  Products include LED controllers,LED video processors,LED Sender Card/Box, LED Receiver Cards, LED Display Screen modules Cabinets, LED power supplies, LED stage equipment and other LED display related components. Additionally we are expanding or Products Category such as AI Thermal Cameras and Face scanners, Gadgets,  Recycled Electronic Items and Electronic Parts and Media Gallery for creative Sectors. 

Our History..

While we Design and manufacturing specific LED Screens and Components  also  we have established a good relationship with the hardware and software service providers in the Digital Advertising LED Screens, LED Video Walls,  LED Screen Controllers etc. 

Which makes us have good competitive prices and wide selection inventory.

Our Service..

Luminosa Store allows your purchasing requirements to be more efficiently met, rather than through a layer-by-layer distribution agent.  We also accept large quantities of orders,  on top of that you'll get a certain  discount depend on your order.

Please Contact Us via email or call us directly to get a custom shipping and order quote. You will find both an email contact form and our international telephone number by clicking that link.

We fulfill requests from all over the world for Led Screens, Led Screens  parts and accessories. While some items may not be available for International Shipment due to size, weight restrictions or cost effectiveness, we do our best to honor every order we can.


For payment on Local and international orders, our preferred methods of payment are payment via PayPal®. PayPal Payments, Stripe, Bank Wire Transfer from your bank or credit card.

Please Note: To pay by PayPal, you must be PayPal Verified and orders must ship to your shipping address on file with PayPal. To pay by credit card, orders must ship to your billing address on file with your credit card issuing bank.


LED Screens, LED Screen Parts and accessories shipments are sent via DHL, United Parcel Service or Malaysia Postal Service and we will provide tracking information to you for each package sent.

Luminosa Store  Has Fast Shipping!

For your convenience, all orders will be confirmed with you via e-mail or fax prior to shipping.

Additionally Ocean Frights Available for details.

If you have any questions, please contact us directly by email, or call us our Malaysia local time 9:00AM ~ 18:00PM, we will glad to help you.

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