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1.Single card can output 16 groups RGB data ;

2.Single card can output 24 groups RGB data;

3.Single card can output 28 groups RGB data;

4.Single card maximum supports 512X448 pixels;

5.Each interface has VCC pin to get power supply for control system from led module, no need to get extra power supply for control system;

6.Support saving calibration data on module;

7.  Support temperature detection;

8.Support the cabinet-door (open/close) monitoring;

9.Two lines fan-speed monitoring;

10.Humidity monitoring (humidity sensor sold separately);

11.  Smoke monitoring (smoke module sold separately);

12.Three lines voltage monitoring: one for the system, two for cabinet power;

13.Support pixel-by-pixel brightness calibration; single-card color space conversion;

14.Support network cable BER test;

15.High refresh rate and high grey level with most of the driver ICs;

16.In line with EU standards RoHS;

17.In line with EU standards CE - EMC;

Sender interface Intruduction
Rated Power Consumption (W)4.0 Max 4.8 Min 3.3
Standard Operational Conditions
Rated Voltage (V)5V, Min 4.5 ~ Max 5.5 V
Rated Current (A)0.8, Min 8.87 ~ Min 0.73
Working Tempature (C)-20~70C
Working Humidity (RH %)RH 10% ~ 95%

For Your Information most of our products are actual stocks in addition to customized products.  fell free to purchase them.  Some Top Category or Hot Sale Items  will be Restock with in 5~14  Days, if the items you need are not found,  you can also entrust us to look for them, provided that the LED display screen related accessories.

Please Take Note, there are multiple versions of plugs for electrical products.  We usually include in shipment them according to the country  electrical voltage standards. unless notified us your special requirements.

Basic Guide line for your LED Screen Purchasing needs:

  1. Please make sure your screen size requirement
  2. Screen Type such as Indoor, Outdoor , Rental Display  Etc.
  3. Type of Led Screen Controllers Receiving and Sending Cards, video processor etc.  For Example Linsn, NovaStar Etc...

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  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: RV905K-925K
  • Weight: 0.11kg
  • Dimensions: 89.00mm x 48.00mm x 20.00mm
  • SKU: RV905K2050R
  • MPN: RV905KCNT20
Tags: Led Screen
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